As a people-centric organization, Axians’ mission is to improve people's lives through digital innovation. Axians has been a strong Microsoft partner for many years and holds a wide range of Microsoft based Partner Designations and Advanced Specializations.

Axians builds and delivers a wide range of diversified and innovative Microsoft powered services and solutions. Our differentiating power comes from co-creating customized solutions and services by working closely with our customers. 

With Axians’ ongoing investments to capture the richness of opportunities possible within the Microsoft portfolio, Axians is further accelerating its activities as a (cloud) managed services provider.

“As a company, we also operate as a solution provider to enable our customers to be more flexible and efficient in delivering their added-value”

Henry-Biabaud Edouard

Head of Expertise, Partnerships & Innovation

The importance of IT solutions for our customers is increasing as the driving force to truly achieve digital transformation roadmaps has never been as pressing as it is now. These are essential if they are to maintain and expand their positioning in the respective competitive landscapes.  Market demand for specialized solutions and services, that legitimately bring the right functionalities is rising. Such is to be accompanied with low barriers for user adoption to achieve digital transformation intentions. As Microsoft’s technology advances rapidly, a great range of expertise is required to provide Axians’ customers with the appropriate best-practices and the specialists to make it happen. 

To capture this movement, Axians will bring together its collective knowledge and expertise across its network of Business Units in a dedicated Microsoft Centre of Excellence (CoE). Our Microsoft CoE will enable Axians to bring its full range of Microsoft specialisms closer and more easily accessible to our customers.  

Axians Microsoft CoE will be the starting point of a new phase of growth accelerated by intensified cross-country collaboration.

“This journey so far has been an exciting exercise where we’ve identified and assessed options to enrich the broadness of expertise accessible to our customers whilst strengthening our local business units’ spirit characterized by a human touch. Today’s investment will enable Axians to provide customers easier access to a deeper range of technical know-how which is present in our Axians eco-system whilst we initiate a promising evolvement of our strategic partnership with Microsoft”

De Backe Troy

Axians Global Transformation Lead.

The establishment of a Center of Excellence will allow Axians’ customers to maintain their close relationship with their local Axians contact while having access to a deeper and broader range of Microsoft expertise, more customized managed services, a wider set of offers and more specialized best practices.  

“It is great to see Axians continued commitment to their Microsoft partnership by creating a Center of Excellence. This will allow them to replicate best practices across existing markets and more easily scale into new ones. This is a key step forward to accelerating the partnership moving forward”

Cohen Adrienne

Microsoft Global Partner Development Manager

The introduction of the Axians Microsoft Center of Excellence will allow Axians to guide its customers with best-in-class expertise providing the right functionalities and lower barriers for user adoption, thus allowing our customers to capture their intended digital transformation outcomes.

Global Vision on the Axians x Microsoft Partnership